Grant Roberts
Written by Menghong Li   
Grant Roberts uses Power plate for personal training exercises

Academy Award recognized trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle coach among Hollywood elite.

“I have been using the Power Plate for close to a decade now … and boy are my arms tired. The reality is, Power Plate is an integral component of my program design. I am impressed with the incredible the diversity and efficiency vibration / acceleration training allows me to challenge any client regardless of condition. Power Plate applications are all encompassing, equally beneficial to the sedentary even obese first time exerciser, all the way up to the elite level athlete and therefore everyone in between. Power Plate is an invaluable tool that I routinely use for: pre-activation, in work out muscle recruitment, injury management (passively extending limited range of motion), active recovery between sets and post work stretch. Every trainer should understand the incredible benefits vibration/ acceleration technology provides to any session, and the efficiency in which results are delivered. Ultimately, that is my job… providing results in the most time efficient manner possible, Power Plate is an essential weapon in my workout arsenal.”