Brian Nguyen, ATC, CSCS
Written by Menghong Li   
Brian Nguyen uses Power plate for personal training exercises

Fitness Trainer for Mark Wahlberg

Brian has been working in the fitness industry for over 11 years. While his work started with professional and collegiate football, his aptitude for developing actors into athletes quickly became apparent when he was hired to work on the football classic The Longest Yard. When Brian was tapped to work on the set of Invincible, he had the privilege of working with Mark Wahlberg for the first time. While Wahlberg’s athletic prowess is without reproach, the challenge of managing injuries became a formidable opponent. Brian introduced Wahlberg to functional training techniques including the high-tech Power Plate vibration machine. Brian has continued to work with Mark on numerous films including his most recent release: The Fighter. Brian is based in Los Angeles and works around the world training athletes, celebrities and other fitness clients.