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Personal Fitness Training
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Star Plate Studio aims to make you feel good on the inside and out with our personal fitness training. Our casual, yet determined approach to personal training ensures our clients feel comfortable and confident that they can achieve their fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for cardio kickboxing, body weight training, group training or personal training in Melbourne, Star Plate Studio offers a friendly, focused service to improve your health and wellbeing.

How does fitness help your life?

Fitness is the ability to function efficiently and effectively, to enjoy leisure, to be healthy, to resist disease and to cope with emergency situations. Health related components of physical fitness include body composition, cardio vascular fitness, flexibility, muscular endurance and strength. Skill related components include agility, balance, co ordination, power, reaction time and speed.

Exercising is not always about losing weight- it is about a lifestyle change. Changing your lifestyle is not a simple task, but with Star Plate Studio you will be inspired to change. Everyone wants to achieve a fitness level that enables them to function to the best of their ability- and at Kick PT you can.

Taking part in regular physical activity will improve all aspects of your life. Whether you join our 1 on 1 personal training, cardio classes or corporate personal training, we ensure your health and wellbeing will be improved.

Personal fitness training is tailored to your requirements at Star Plate Studio. We offers fitness training encompassing cardiovascular, strength and core conditioning. You can choose the discipline in your training and decide on group or personal training in Melbourne.

Work 1 on 1 with our qualified personal trainer or attend cardio classes in Essendon, the choice is entirely yours.

Power Plate Training
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Spa / Beauty

Training with Power Plate® offers you a low impact way to get an incredible whole body workout in less than 30 minutes! Desired result in half the time

We know that you will not only love working out with Power Plate®, but that your health and wellness will improve dramatically. Training on Power Plate® equipment offers a host of benefits. In your very first session there will be an immediate improvement in blood circulation, and you will feel the effect Vibration Training™ has on your muscles.

In just a short time with the Power Plate® you will notice increased muscle strength, muscle tone and flexibility, an improved range of motion, decreased cellulite, increased bone mineral density and reduced pain and soreness and faster recovery after exercise.

More than just an exercise and rehabilitation machine, Power Plate® machines offer the capacity for whole body massage and relaxation. Not only can Power Plate® machines passively work all the muscle groups in the body, but they can reduce stress by decreasing cortisol levels while raising levels of serotonin. Using Power Plate® machines helps increase circulation and oxygenate blood flow, leading to a decrease in toxins in the body, which causes a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.  These benefits contribute significantly to the complete spa experience.

Power Plate
Lactate Tests
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Lactate has been one of the most studied variables in exercise physiology in the last 30 years. The primary reason for this interest is that blood lactate levels are an excellent marker/indicator of the conditionings level of the athlete.

Blood lactate measurement device

How does it work?

Blood Lactate measurement is used by sport scientists, coaches and athletes to accurately determine Heart Rate training zones, recovery and much more. Lactate is a metabolic product that can be measured by taking a drop of blood at a finger tip the same way diabetics monitor their blood sugar level. The blood lactate level increases with exercise intensity and shows clearly the transition from aerobic to anaerobic activity. Since the measurement is completely individual it gives a precise method for testing and monitoring training intensity and recovery.

Do you want to make sure that what you do works optimally for you?

Blood Lactate testing is far more precise than the outdated and inaccurate method of using percentages of maximum heart rate to set training zones. Because heart rate is an individual response, heart rate training zones need to be determined by measurement of physiological variables not set by mathematical formulas.

Lactate test accuracy against LOD enzymatic method Lactate test results

Do you want to make the most of the time that you have available?

The relationship between exercise intensity and heart rate is different for different exercises, eg. heart rates for running will not be the same as heart rates for cycling for any given intensity. Training programs should not be based on general heart rate guidelines rather they should be based on individual responses. This can be achieved through lactate testing.

How much guesswork are you willing to involve in your training and how much time have you got to waste?

Now you can optimize and take the guesswork out of your training using Lactate Tests at Star Plate Studio.

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