Herald Sun Article Monday 7th July 2008
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Herald Sun Monday 7th July 2008
Heral Sun Article about Power Plate - original form scanned
Power Plate
At first glance the Power Plate looks like the lazy man or woman's dream machine.

The instructions for my first session are quite simple - stand on this, press this button and wait for the muscle to build.

Makes the old "no pain, no gain" adage sound obsolete.

But if you are thinking it all sounds a bit too good to be true, it is.

After a single session on the Power-Plate, I leave feeling as thought I've completed a decent workout.

So, in exchange for your gain, you still need to donate a little pain.

Just holding a squat on the machine for 30 seconds - at the lowest setting - feels as if I've completed a set with 20kg barbell.

During my session, my instructor explains that though the Power Plate does give you a god workout, it is best used as an addition to your normal exercise regime.

"The Power Plate makes you work against a far greater influence or load of gravity in every movement you perform, ".

The Power Plate vibration device which, according to its website, transmits "waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, three times a week".

It may sound like something an insomniac prone to watching 3am infomercials might hear, but from my experience it works.

After only three sessions on the Power Plate I find my strength increased.

Before the sessions I could do 30 push-ups in one set, but after wards I managed 45 before collapsing in a heap.