Bill Rauscher
Written by Menghong Li   
Bill Rauscher uses Power plate for personal training exercises

Recovering from Heart Surgery

“What a great experience I had [at the Power Plate Academy]. Only four weeks ago, I was in intensive care after having open heart surgery. I have been going to cardiac rehab and doing well but not as well as I did today. Since surgery, it’s been very painful to move and breathe. On both left and right sides of the incision there were knots which were very tender to the touch. If I lightly massaged these they would decrease in size but after a few hours they would reappear and hurt all over. These knots hurt so badly they restricted my deep breathing. After doing the stretching on the Power Plate, the knots were gone and even after five hours they have not come back and I continue to breathe easily, comfortably and pain free.
What’s encouraging is the Power Plate makes the process of rehab and building back my strength fun. It’s so adaptable to multiple levels of abilities. This machine is far and above anything out there.”