Wayne Allyn Root
Written by Menghong Li   
Wayne Allyn Root uses Power plate for personal training exercises

TV sports personality and the man the media calls “the King of Vegas” and “America’s Oddsmaker.”

“I need to stay positive, motivated, creative, focused and passionate for my millions of clients and time is always at a premium. My foundation in life is my health and fitness but I manage to fit it all in. That’s why Power Plate works so perfect! I’m totally addicted.
I love my Power Plate machine. There is no other single piece of fitness equipment on the planet that can do all this, in less than 30 minutes, in just the space of an average chair.
On top of all that, I get the best stretch of my life, and an incredible massage, all within that same 30-minute workout. And the bonus is it’s a beautiful and distinctive piece of artwork. Everyone that sees it comments on its beauty. It’s like adding an impressive piece of furniture to your home! Power Plate is the best thing to hit the fitness world in decades. Power Plate gets my highest recommendation.”