Andre Ethier
Written by Menghong Li   
Andre Ethier uses Power plate for personal training exercises

Right fielder, LA Dodgers

“After my knee injury, Sue Falsone put me on a physical therapy program using the Power Plate machines at Athletes’ Performance. I was amazed by how fast I was able to recover. As with any professional athlete, I need to be as close to 100% all the time, and my approach is to do whatever I can to get back to peak performance as fast as possible. Power Plate Acceleration Training was the answer for my knee rehab and the vibrations really allowed me to isolate the muscles around the knee without stress. I use a Power Plate machine at home, on the road and in the Dodger’s clubhouse as part of my daily routine. The vibrations get my muscles firing right away, and whether I am using a Power Plate machine for pre-game muscle activation, workouts or my post-game cool down ritual, I rely on the technology to keep me operating at my best. Power Plate Acceleration Training has been a game changer for me and I couldn’t be more impressed with the results.”